With our Fallout Shelter Cheats for Android and IOS you will be able to get unlimited caps and bottles in the game! To find out how simply read this article till the end and you will learn how to use this cheats aswell!

Fallout Shelter Cheats

Fallout Shelter, cousin of the famous Fallout game for consoles and PC, is a smartphone game where your main goal is to build an underground city to host the survivors of a nuclear disaster.

In order to build your own city you need resources such as caps or bottles, which are rather difficult to collect without having to resort to in-app purchase (where you can buy game resources for real money).

Precisely for this reason our team decided to release these Fallout Shelter Cheats. With this cheats you will no longer need to buy resources in the game for real money, all we ask you to do is follow our instructions carefully and you will also be able to get unlimited caps and bottles on Fallout Shelter.

If you do not want to read the instructions and you are in a hurry, click on the “Go to Cheats” button, otherwise, which is absolutely recommended, read our instructions below.

Fallout Shelter Cheats

Instructions for using Fallout Shelter Cheats

If you want to use our Fallout Shelter cheats you must follow the following the following steps:

  1. If you have not yet done so, update the game by going to the Playstore if you are on Android or on the Appstore if you are on Iphone or Ipad.
  2. Once you have updated the game, if you are not yet on your smartphone, close the PC and return to this page with your smartphone.
  3. Then click on the “Go to the Cheats” button. There are two on the whole page, they are blue and big, so you can not be wrong.
  4. Once clicked, another page will load. In this page you must first enter the username of your Fallout Shelter account and then enter the amount of caps and bottles that you would like to receive in your game.
  5. Once you have Finished to enter the required data click on “Continue” and wait for the cheats to load.
  6. Now you will be asked to verify your session. What does it mean? You will not have to do anything else but prove that you are human and not a robot.
  7. To pass the verification first click on the big “Verify” button and then download and install two games / applications in that list (do not worry, these are applications that you can find in the respective and original Playstore and Apptore so they are 100% safe) and play for at least 1-2 minutes with each of them and / or complete their tutorial (which would be the introduction to the game, where they explain how everything works).
  8. Once you have finished this process, reopen the browser (internet) and check that this writing appears on the new page: “Congratulations, you have verified your session successfully”.
  9. If you can not see this message it means that you have failed the verification and that you will have to try again. If instead you see what you have to do now is press the “Confirm Android” or “Confirm IOS” according to your own device.
  10. Once you’ve hit the button and applied the cheats, open Fallout Shelter again and enjoy your game with endless caps and bottles!

Fallout Shelter Cheats IOS Android

Using this Fallout Shelter Cheats is not so difficult if you follow all the instructions step by step. This cheats will always work, you just have to be careful not to miss any important steps.

Start now to use it! Click on the “Go to Cheats” button below and generate your resources!

Build a huge underground shelter with Fallout Shelter!

Fallout Shelter, as we said before, is a freemium game (free with in-app purchase) developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios with the assistance of Behavior Interactive 2015 for both Android and IOS, 2016 on Microsoft Windows and 2017 on XBOX ONE.

Fallout Shelter Cheats

Fallout Shelter is the direct cousin of the famous video game Fallout for consoles and PCs. The main objective of the game is to build an underground city where we will be in charge of Overseer – the refuge leader. In addition to building and expanding the ciry our task is also to recruit other survivors and keep them happy by giving them food, electricity and water, which are the three main resources for the survivors of the game.

To produce food, water and electricity, you will need first to build buildings suitable for the production of these resources. Each building costs a certain amount of money that in this game are called caps.

The caps can be collected by sending our survivors in quests or completing pre-established objectives.

Once these buildings have been produced, our task will be to sort out our inhabitants according to their abilities (for example those who have more power will go to the building to produce electricity, those with more intelligence to the laboratory etc) and allocate them in the buildings where they are most worn.

Then there are also the bottles, which are even rarer than the caps. With the bottles you can shorten waiting times and make the game faster. With waiting times we mean, for example, the route to go to the quests etc.

Both the caps and the bottles are very rare to find in the game, even if in the lower levels the game proceeds well enough, in high levels it is possible to spend hours waiting for our survivors to come back from their quests.

But with our Fallout Shelter cheats for Android and IOS you will not have to wait even a single minute.

Not only will you have endless caps and bottles but also:

– Method for obtaining rare papers.
– Method to obtain many rare animals.
Both methods are accessible after completing verification and working 100%.

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We hope to have really helped you by publishing this cheats online. For now this cheats work very well and we remind you that if you need extra assistance to apply the cheats or you have a question for us don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or to use the form contact us.

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