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Dragon City Cheats

How to play with our Dragon City Cheats

There are 8 basic elements that you can find for your dragons within the game. Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal and Dark.  If you have some rare dragons, for example Cool Fire or Soccer Dragon, you can actually breed a new type of Dragon called the Legendary and finally on Pure dragons.

The easiest way to earn gold is by putting your dragons in its habitat. Each one of the dragon earns a certain amount of gold per min.  To increase the amount of gold per min you need to level up your little baby dragons, giving them some food.

This is probably the easiest way to get what you need in the game. You can also buy gems with your own money and speed up the whole process. However, who wants to spend real money for a phone game???

The longer way to get through the game instead is:

1) Join the Dragon League Tournament in the Combat World located at the bottom right of the game screen. You use your dragons to fight other player’s dragons. Once you win the tourney, you will be awarded 2 gems and some gold. You can combat 3 players every 6 hours, so use it whenever you can!

2) Build a Dragon Stadium and use your dragons to fight in it. Each tournament you win gives you 2 gems and some gold.

3) The daily bonus reward located on the right side of the game screen gives you a small chance to win 45 gems. I have yet to win it once, so good luck with that.

4) Leveling up gives you 1 gem.

Dragon City Cheats IOS Android

As you might know it can be quite difficoult to get to the highest levels, earn enough rewards and resources. One of the lastest surveys says that 89% of Dragon City’s users on Android and iOS in 2018 use hacks to get to the top ranking. A normal user would just struggle trying to get a minimum amount of resources and the cheapest items in the shop. Than finally would leave the game as it takes days of playing before he could actually get to a decent level, and still there would be a great number of players above him.

So this is just how it goes!

All of the methods shown above are quite ling to apply and they only give you a few resources at the time.

That’s why you should use these amazing Dragon City Cheats 2018. In just 4 minutes you can gain unlimited gems and gold and it works 100% of the times, it is 100% FREE and it is 100% Safe and secure for your account.


Dragon City Cheats 2018


Let’s get into it!

Follow these steps in order to use the resources generator:

  • Press the button below
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  • Wait for the system to process and verify your request
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NOTE: our server are quite busy and the system might need human verification in order to avoid spam and bots. In case the human verification is needed follow further instructions.

Download 2 free apps from your apple store or Google Play.


Dragon City Cheats IOS Android


Does that work with Iphone, Ipad, Mac and Android?

Yes This amazing tool is been tested with both Ios AND Android and it is been used by thousands of users from all over the world with 100% success rate.

What happen if the tool crashes?

The tool never crashes our system has been built on more the 50 different servers alla round the world and it never crashes. Just be aware that you have to follow the instructions paying attention to details. You might have failed the verification process. Just do it again and do not miss any step.

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